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Electing Secular Leaders, Defending Secular America

Freethought Equality Fund

The mission of the Freethought Equality Fund (FEF) PAC is to change the face of American politics and to achieve equality by increasing the number of open humanists and atheists in public office at all levels of government. The FEF PAC is affiliated with the Center for Freethought Equality, which is the advocacy and political arm of the American Humanist Association.

The FEF PAC will provide nontheist Americans the opportunity to make their voices heard in the political process by supporting candidates who identify as humanist, atheist, agnostic, and who share our goals of protecting the separation of church and state and defending the civil liberties of secular Americans.

When people see respected ethical humanists and atheists serve in public office, this will begin to dispel many myths about nonbelievers. The FEF PAC will also support a number of candidates who identify as religious but who are leaders in supporting the rights of nonbelievers.

Support our work, join the Center for Freethought Equality

To support the efforts of the Freethought Equality Fund, please join our connected organization, The Center for Freethought Equality - membership is free!

Contributions to the Freethought Equality Fund PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Federal law prohibits the Freethought Equality Fund PAC from soliciting contributions from anyone other than Center for Freethought Equality members. All contributions are voluntary and contributions are not required as a condition of membership to the Freethought Equality Fund PAC or any of its affiliates. As a member of the Center for Freethought Equality you will receive email about how to support the Freethought Equality Fund and it's endorsed candidates.