2020 Endorsements

Sam Branscum

Running for: U.S. House of Representatives (Michigan – District 7)

Sam Branscum is running for Congress in the Michigan 7th Congressional District. Branscum is a young progressive who was inspired to run for Congress because of this work on the Sanders for President campaign in 2016. His campaign is dedicated to “putting the country back on the right track.” For the health of our country and planet Branscum’s policy agenda includes supporting the Green New Deal to fight climate change and create jobs in the renewable energy sector, guaranteeing affordable health care for everyone with a Medicare-for-all option, overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and getting big money out of politics, closing the Gun Show Loophole and requiring background checks for all firearm purchases, decreasing income inequality by increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure that will also create jobs and help stimulate our economy. Branscum is a humanist.

Jeanne Casteen

Running for: Maricopa County (AZ) Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jeanne Casteen is running for Maricopa County (AZ) Superintendent of Public Instruction. She has been a teacher for over 10 years and a member of the Creighton (AZ) School Board since 2012. Casteen currently serves as the school board president. With this background she is eager to take the next step to ensure that students, parents, and the community are best-served by the education system in Maricopa County. Casteen says, “This means encompassing the whole child in education, equity for students across zip codes, and respect and dignity for the adults making their education possible.” Casteen is an atheist.

Jillian Freeland

Running for: U.S. House of Representatives (Colorado – District 5)

Jillian Freeland is running for Congress in the Colorado 5th Congressional District. With a background as a midwife and the service industry, Freeland is a leader who will work tirelessly for her constituents to make sure they have the support and policies they need to succeed. This includes basic government programs and protections that make healthcare affordable, provides quality public education that is debt-free for families from pre-school to college or trade school, and ensures a minimum wage that actually covers the current cost living. As a “coupon clipping, solar-powered millennial mom of two gorgeous daughters” Freeland is committed to investing in the next generation by addressing climate change with energy independence through renewable resources, implementing universal background checks for all firearm sales and banning equipment like bump stocks and high capacity magazines, and supporting democratic reforms to make voting easier and reduce the influence of large donors and corporations. Freeland is a humanist.

Greg Sagan

Running for: U.S. House of Representatives (Texas – District 13)

Greg Sagan is running for Congress in the Texas 13th Congressional District. Sagan is a former Navy officer and a veteran of Vietnam with a private sector career as a consultant in human performance, teamwork and leadership. Outraged at the actions of the Administration and the failure of the Republican Congress to stand up to Trump, Sagan is offering an alternative voice to deal with real issues and not the manufactured ones intended to keep our country divided. His policy issues range from addressing climate change to the wealth gap. He says that “climate change is the single greatest non-nuclear threat to all life on Earth, and the widening gulf in American wealth distribution is the single greatest threat to our democracy.” Sagan is religiously unaffiliated.