Historic Level of Nontheist Political Candidates in Arizona

July 28th, 2016

Nine openly humanist, atheist, agnostic and religious unaffiliated candidates running for office in Arizona

Contact: Ron Millar, 202-238-9088 ext. 201, rmillar@cfequality.org

arizona_600(Washington, D.C., July 28, 2016) — The Freethought Equality Fund PAC proudly endorses a slate of nine candidates from Arizona. These candidates have all promised to protect the fundamental right to freedom of and freedom from religion and to maintain the separation of church and state.

“It’s exciting to see so many openly humanist, atheist, agnostic and religiously unaffiliated candidates in Arizona, and we hope that their campaigns will encourage similar individuals in other states to also run for public office” said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the Freethought Equality Fund. “Thanks to the efforts of local activists – with special recognition to Serah Blain and Evan Clark – this state, once a bastion of religious conservatism, is now a model for the freethought movement in recruiting and campaigning for secular candidates.”

Of the nine Arizona candidates, two are running for U.S. Congress, Mikel Weisser (District 4) and Talia Fuentes (District 5); two are running for the Arizona State Senate, Rep. Juan Mendez (District 26) and Scott Prior (District 16); three are running for the Arizona State House, Beth Weisser (District 5), Cara Prior (District 16), and Athena Salman (District 26); and, two are running for local seats, Matthew Cerra (Maricopa County Board of Supervisors – District 1) and Ryan Winkle (Mesa City Council – District 3).

More information about these and other candidates endorsed by the Freethought Equality Fund can be found here.


The mission of the Freethought Equality Fund (FEF) is to change the face of American politics and to achieve equality by increasing the number of open humanist and atheists, and their allies, in public office at all levels of government. FEF supports progressive candidates who are strong advocates for the separation of religion and government and the protection of American’s civil liberties. FEF is affiliated with the Center for Freethought Equality, which is the advocacy and political arm of the American Humanist Association. To learn more about the Freethought Equality Fund, visit Facebook and Twitter.